Sunday, April 06, 2003

So here's the deal:

Coalition forces have taken Baghdad airport (formerly Saddam Airport) and American support and relief supplies have already begun landing at the airport. However, the Iraqi Information Minister Muhammad Sa'id al-Sahhaf said that Iraqi forces have pushed the "colonialists" out of the airport and that they are cowards. huh? Is this guy watching the coalition jets land in his airport while he says this? It makes you wonder what else happens in his life that he denies ever actually happening. "No, I swear that I did not drink any coffee this morning." But sir, is that not a half-empty Starbucks latte in your hand? "No, it is not. It is...uh, I'm holding it for a friend." Riight.

Coalition forces are inside Baghdad, have taken Um Quasar, are in control of practically everything. Yet, the Information Minister again states: "Well, if they have any prudence, they should leave. Otherwise, what you have heard from the Iraqi side is the truth. I think they have deceived, as Deputy Premier Tariq Aziz has stated clearly, that they deceived, they cheated their public opinion. They really created this kind of illusion. Unless they started seeing the facts, this is a catastrophe for them. It is a catastrophe to their nations and to the world. It seems to me that this is the situation."

This guy is sitting in NYC, living in 5 star accommodations, and enjoying the American lifestyle. He has the same access to information as everyone else - and maybe even more, but he's also INCREDIBLY deluded. I'm embarrassed for him. Crazy. I just don't understand this guy. He doesn't have to watch CNN - He can watch Al Jazeera if he wants. He can call his buddies in Baghdad if he can reach them...they'll tell him plainly enough.

"Uh ya, Muhammad, it's pretty bad. We're getting our butts whooped and there are only about 25 posters of Saddam that haven't been shat upon. I've got my best people shielding them, but I don't think I can keep up the charade for much longer. Ya - the Marines checked into the Hotel today - and they are also staying in Saddam's palace - you know, the nice one. No, I haven't seen Saddam in a couple of weeks either, but all those tapes keep coming out, so he must be alive - I mean, I saw him on Iraqi TV myself just this morning. I’d say, if the Americans ask, just tell them what you’ve been telling them – Saddam is alive because everything you see on TV is true – unless it’s not Iraqi TV, because then it is a lie. That should cover it. Ok, I really have to go – it’s almost noon and the Americans love to bomb State Buildings around lunch when we’re all out eating, so I have to go. When you get back, don’t forget to bring me that I heart NY t-shirt you promised me."

You want to know who to believe? I think the answer is clear - not the Iraqis.

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