Wednesday, April 02, 2003

So I've bounced around choosing a template for this blog. I've considered going in and using my website's template and colors to make it look the same as that, but that just seems like overkill. Also, I picked a new template last night that I thought was pretty cool - it looked unique enough (not like 2 million other blogger users don't have access to the same template as me, just that I wanted to be a little different). So I was pretty pleased. Then I go to KaoAttack's blog and one of the six people he's got linked happens to have the exact same template as I chose. Well, that pissed me off. So, I went in and changed the stylesheet for my blog to at least make the colors different. Finally I settled on this nice earthy pallette.

It looks like my research group friends in New Mexico said the per diem will cover my plane tickets to Albuquerque for the rafting, so it actually might work out! I'm stoked about that. Late yesterday it came back that the bosses thought bringing me in to participate was going to be too complex. So I emailed my buddy back and told him that the complexity wouldn't be on their end, it would be on mine, and that I wasn't asking them to really pay for getting me out there per se, but rather that I'd like the pay to at least cover my travel since my working for them for 12 days would mean I couldn't work for myself. Evidently that explanation was good enough, because they told me they'd get back to me with details for the rest of the summer in a week or so.

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