Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Some office haiku:

The printer is slow.
I should not have selected
high print quality.

Seven-thirty joe -
the filters are too big, but
my scissors are sharp

Tenth story window;
Best view there is of ... Lawndale?
Who would want to look.

Spinning, spinning disk.
"Hum and tick" says my burner.
I'm out of cds

::Control P, OK::
Communicators are not
paperless workers.

Food drive, speech, event
The media screens flicker welcome
my announcements, all

Com1 - PR1:
The crisis has been managed.
We have guava fruit

Friday, posting the
six sigma article now -
does anyone care?

Voices carry through
the thin walls of my office -
I hear dan laughing.

A cell phone ringing:
"chirp, chirp," from across the hall.
Deborah must be out.

The kitchen is full -
take out, tupperware, crock pot.
Jean loves a pot luck.

Leather chairs, board room,
Staff meetings make me sleepy.
Elizabeth, too.

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