Thursday, February 26, 2004

Furl - Your web page filing cabinet

Check this out. Sounds interesting - like all those times you want to put a link in your favorites but you forget about it because your favorites are totally out of control and so you just go in and delete all the links that you don't remember putting in there because there are just so many that you can't find the ones you really want in there and then the pages you thought would be useful are gone and never to be heard from again.


Ya, this is like that only now you don't lose your stuff.
I have to go work on my reaction paper for class today (readings on the history of information and libraries). I have to cut about four pages to make it get down to 8. Kortney's reaction papers for her program are these little 1-2 page informal things about her group sessions. Mine are these full-on APA-style summary/reaction pieces with quotations and deconstruction, etc. It takes me back to my undergrad when Amber would write these papers in 12pt, double-spaced Comic-sans, for some business class, and there I was trying to explain Paul Tillich's stance on religious missions in 10pt times roman, in less than 12 pages.

I found a bunch of great library-related blogs in the past week that I'm going to add to the links section of this site sometime. I'll also switch around the archive and links so that you will be more likely to click on it. Ain't I sweet...

Lib.Sigs. -- Quotations for Librarians' Signature Files:

"'I really didn't realize the librarians were, you know, such a dangerous group. ... You think they're just sitting at the desk, all quiet and everything. They're like plotting the revolution, man. I wouldn't mess with them. You know, they've had their budgets cut. They're paid nothing. Books are falling apart. The libraries are just like the ass end of everything, right?'
Michael Moore
(BuzzFlash interview, 13 March 2002)"

hehe - pretty funny.

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Yahoo! News - Bush to Back Gay Marriage Ban Amendment

Every now and then, there occurs one of those surreal moments when you know that what is going on in the world today will make it into the history books. For better or worse, this morning President Bush spoke in favor of a Constitutional Amendment that bans gay marriage by defining marriage as the union between a man and a woman.

Bush gave the reasons for this as religious, protecting the moral core of this country; as in the protection of children, implying that only heterosexual couples are capable of raising socially responsible, moral children; and as administrative, stating that by defining marriage in the constitution, marriage being the most fundamental of society's relationships, no one state can enforce its laws on another state like California is attempting to do. (Because the Federal Government will enforce this civil union on all states instead. Yah, figure that one out...)

I'm watching this speech and I'm thinking: "If this amendment were to pass, we (America) would be overtly discriminating against one of the only true minorities in the US." I can't see how this "Constitutional amendment" is constitutional. I'm very upset by the President's speech this morning.

For the past few years people have talked about America's need to defend the sanctity of marriage. Allow me to state right here that the sanctity of marriage is a religious institution. For all intents and purposes, the sanctity of marriage imposes on secular couples the same as religious couples, a union "under God" whether they like it or not. According to President Bush, my atheist friends who got married on their favorite hiking trial in the Sandias by a friend with no mention of a God they don't believe in, are in fact still being placed under the umbrella of this sanctity, whether they like it or not. By defining marriage in the way President Bush proposes is discriminatory towards all couples of different religions, and especially those of no religion. Placing it under an umbrella of any religion or all religion is discriminatory. President Bush needs to realize that the sanctity of marriage is the domain of the church. Marriage itself, as a government sanctioned and legal union should not have any particular religious vent if it is to be defined in our constitution.

Today America was presented with a challenge to stand up for all citizens of our country, not just those of one particular religious interpretation. I hope America is strong enough to face this challenge.

Friday, February 20, 2004

NASA sets Web mark

At least 20 or 30 of these record breaking visits belong to me. I don't know how many people read this blog, or how many visit the links I post but I for one use it, and so I take full credit for this record... ::looks around:: ...or part credit... ::looks over shoulder:: ...or something. Nevermind. Visit the NASA Mars Rover site. Bye. ::runs away::

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Dean's Out - Howard Dean ends his campaign

It took him long enough. When he got his ass kicked a few weeks ago (when Clark won OK and Edwards won SC), I figured he'd throw in the towel. I know he was second among electorates going in to yesterday, but that doesn't mean he is anywhere near Kerry. And now with Edwards surging and Clark out and endorsing Kerry, I think it's about time he face reality. His yelling fit is what screwed him. I think he still had a shot up until then. That freaked people out.

Pimping Dogpile Again
I mentioned a few weeks ago that there was a new engine around getting great reviews - I've been using it a lot lately and I'm still very impressed. Definitely give it a shot sometime.


Friday, February 13, 2004

"To put it simply, learning is the new form of labor."
Information Seeking In Electronic Environments, Gary Marchionini

Maybe that's why I'm always tired... ;)

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

The Big Dog Rules - Newfoundland takes home top prize at Westminster - Wednesday February 11, 2004 12:15AM

He was cute. He barked and was like a jolly fat man in a room full of frightened midgets. Among my favorites were the Ibizan hound, a repeat winner from the hound group, and the Welsh Corgi, which won "a battle of the corgies" to come out of the working group.

I like the dog shows. I like the dogs. I don't really care about the people so much. The judges always look over-dressed in formal attire walking around on green Astroturf littered with dog treats; while the handlers, ladies who generally look winded after a short jaunt around the ring, wearing hose and sensible shoes, and the men equally awkward in suits and dress shoes prancing around like caricatures of themselves, aren’t exactly pictures of ease and good taste. That’s why it always gets back to the dogs. The commentators always say that an invisible handler is a good handler. And while I think they are anything but invisible, I’d have to say that I much prefer looking at the dogs than them. Maybe that’s what makes them invisible – their foolishness. The judges are embarrassed to look at them so focus more on the dogs.

Whatever the case, I saw some good dogs this year. Few were as cute as Sam, or “OWNED” their promenade as much as he does much of the time, but mix breeds can’t compete. Sorry buddy. In any case, here’s to Josh the Newfoundland, Best of Show at Westminster.

Monday, February 09, 2004

A "Dongle Cosy" you say?

adactio : Journal - Jeremy Keith is a web designer in England. His wife knit him a pouch for his bluetooth adapter. It's like the best of the old world meeting the best of the new. It's like...well, it's like a cosy for your dongle!
Read It
Eastern Standard Tribe is the new book by Cory Doctorow. Cory is a really great writer who blends science and life in just the right way, to turn on science fiction fans and yet not turn off the science fiction haters. Buy it or download it for free. Excellent!
TLC :: Urban Americans Get Enthused Over Knitting

This is what I'm talking about! YES! That's right.

Sunday, February 08, 2004

Good to know...

Yahoo! News - Free Agent: The View from LinuxWorld Expo:
"Moving to Linux: Kiss the Blue Screen of Death Goodbye! by Marcel Gagne (Addison-Wesley, 2004, 617-848-6000)

This is the best newbie-oriented Linux book to come down the pike in a very long time. It is not focused on any one distribution, so it makes a good companion no matter which incarnation you decide to go with. There is helpful installation information for the Mandrake, Red Hat, and SuSE distributions. There are walk-throughs of the Gnome and KDE desktops and all their primary applications. Want to burn a CD? Play a game? Learn the secrets of the Linux command line? It's all in here, and the book even comes with a CD-based installation of Linux called Knoppix. Plop it in your drive, reboot, and watch Linux come to life. You can poke around to your heart's desire without ever installing the OS to your hard drive."

Bush Proposes 11% LSTA Increase - Library Journal
I think this may be the first time that the Bush whitehouse has done something intelligent regarding education. (Far better than his [Every Other] Child Left Behind act.

Wednesday, February 04, 2004


I'm testing a new comments system called HaloScan. It's free just like blogger. I haven't tested it much, but it seems to work and that's the main point. It's hosted by HaloScan and it seems pretty basic. I think I can delete naughty comments. That's cool. So, click the link under my posts that say "Comments 0" or however many there are, and it will open a new window, in which you can enter comments. All the fields are optional, but a name and email are nice. Just skip the URL if you don't care.


Tuesday, February 03, 2004

I'm blogging a lot today. It just occurred to me though that I haven't listened to any of the NPR shows I used to enjoy, in a while. That sent me on a search for some of my favorite shows, which led me to find the "This American Life" site. Lo and behold, they have all their programs archived and available in Real Media. Awesome! Now, I can hear them whenever I want. Ira, you rock! (Even though your website is ugly).From WBEZ in Chicago - This American Life Life | Is America ready for the wild Kerry family? This is a good article. If you don't know how works, you can't read the full articles without a subscription, but if you click the ad for the "Free One Day Pass" at the bottom of the teaser, you can then act like you have a subscription. Anyway, read this. It's good. ~j - Kerry leads Bush in new poll - Feb. 3, 2004

I saw this on the news last night and had to check it out for the whole story. I'm impressed that Americans think Kerry can lead the country. So many times, incumbant presindents just seem more legitimate (as leaders) than their competing opponents. I like John Kerry. I think he's a good man and a bright politician. I like his military history, and his nearly 20 years in service as a senator. I also like that his wife is so amazingly bright, that she runs his personal life like he's not even there, and that at the same time she's doing all this, she is not interfering with his running for the Democratic nomination. I can't vote in the California Democratic Primary (registered R), but I hope his momentum continues. I will continue to watch both he and John Edwards very closely.

Monday, February 02, 2004

More Mars News

NASA's Mars Exploration Website

I just can't stay away - I love this stuff. I can't help that I both hate how slowly information gets released, yet love it when something new does come out. There's a Flash site that NASA has to showcase the rover program, but this site is more informative. Also it has some resources that are pretty good. I think it's just awesome that the folks at the JPL got Spirit back online. I'm really looking forward to pictures from it, and from Opportunity in the coming weeks.

Suberbowl Porn?

It was a boob, people. Come on. And, she was wearing a pastie. Besides, we're talking football and MTV here, not to mention an entire commercial bonanza that was dominated by ads to help men get their "game on." Are you really surprised? Or even outraged? REALLY?!?! I'm so totally not.

In every other country on the planet this wouldn't be a big deal. Our country just needs to leave it alone and get over it. Why must we make a big flaming deal out of everything. Maybe it was a wardrobe malfunction. I read an article from the Toronto Star newspaper that quoted one of Jackson's former dancers as saying: "I know for a fact Ms Jackson’s breast is pierced and so she may have covered it with a pastie to keep the piercing jewellery from protruding through her costume. " Likely? Not really. Possibility? Sure...why not. Fodder for the media? Absolutely. I say: whatever. And I repeat: IT WAS A BOOB. Who cares.