Saturday, October 08, 2005

Busted Out... Time for Tacos?

The last week or so has been truly hectic. I've had deadline after deadline at work, meetings, projects due and we're almost done implementing our new web content management tool. Also, Monday, I had a temporary crown put on so I haven't been able to chew real well and my jaw sort of aches (that much grinding can't be good), like I lifted lots of weights with my mouth or something.

Sunday, Monday and Wednesday nights I worked on homework after work, until bed; Tuesday and Friday I just watched Baseball and had a glass(es) of wine. (GO ANGELS!) Thursday Kort and I just relaxed.

Besides work and school and baseball, I've been playing more on (play money games). It's hard to get a feel for folks knowing that the money isn't real and there's no incentive to protect your stack, besides pride and not wanting to lose which, at least for me, isn't nearly as strong as the urge to protect my stack when I'm in a money game. Last night, while Kort was at physical therapy and Mike and I were waiting for her to get home so we could go to the mall and to dinner, Mike finally downloaded the client on his compy. It's addictive, I tell you. And, I think I'm actually getting better, if you can believe that. Plus, since it's free, all it's costing me is time.

Today Mike has gone up to LA for the day to see his mom and to spend some time with Jeff on his birthday. Kort has gone up to La Verne for class and won't be home until tonight, as she's going to stop off at her folks' house afterwards.

I just played a game on PokerStars (busted out when I had two pair, As and Qs, and went all in against someone with a full house, As over 5s. (Two As on the board, I had pocket Qs, he had A5o.) But, since it was play money, it doesn't hurt...much.

Now I'm going to collect the comfortor and visit the nearby laundromat to use the big washer. Unfortunately I ate my leftover 1/2 of pastrami sub (ToGo's) for breakfast about an hour ago so I'm not in the mood for the best fresh-made hard tacos in OC, made right next door to the laundromat at Taco Grill. Although, it's only 10:45 a.m. so maybe there's still time for that yet.

This afternoon I'll clean the house and maybe look at steam cleaners online to see if maybe we should buy a small one for our entry area and spot cleaning furniture (for when Sam comes inside and his daddy forgets to wipe his paws). Also, I want to make beef and noodles for dinner so I guess I should go to Plow Boys and pick up a small roast. Ahhh... Saturdays.


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