Tuesday, April 03, 2007

I just can't figure out why people aren't more pissed off at the FBI's misconduct...

[This is a political post so if you don't like my political posts, you can just wait until I post about yoga or whatever.]

Today I listened to the president's speech on NPR. The president stated in no uncertain terms that any amount of limitation that the legislative branch places on the purse strings for his (yes, his) war will only result in his leaving troops who are in Iraq, there, not letting them rotate out. And the build-up will continue. (And nanny nanny boo boo.) He said he'd basically just divert funds to Iraq, rather than to things like readiness training for troops who are set to relieve those troops, or to repair in domestic bases, etc. He essentially said, "The joke is on you, checks and balances, I'm in charge here. I'm the decider."

He talked about how he is choosing to follow the advice of generals rather than the advice of "politicians." Everything he said just screamed (to me) of a spoiled leader who has been acting with little or no oversight, suddenly straining against the reigns of his newly elected democratic balancers.

All that... and I'm still sitting there trying to listen with an open heart to his words, trying to hear the truth in them and I just couldn't find it. I couldn't find the truth. I know that his main generals, including his Joint Chiefs, advised against a troop build up. And then he replaced the commander in Iraq again for like the 5th time.

The Iraq study group -- a group of democratic and republican advisers; really, really smart, learned, experienced advisers -- wrote a 100+ page book about how they think we should not be building up troops. They wrote how it's ineffective, and disastrous the president's policies have been. They called for no build up, a shift from fighting to training, and diplomacy.

Basically, all these people were against the build up. So who is the President talking about when he says that he is choosing to take the advice of generals rather than politicians? Which generals? Well, he's talking about the ones he found after the fact I guess -- after he made up his mind to disagree with all the thoughtful, lucid, knowledgeable people and do what he wanted to do. Then he lied about who gave him advice and reported his version of the events -- you know, by lying... with lies (and half-truths).

It's just so infuriating. It's tiring. It's sad and exasperating. I really don't know how much longer I can listen to this.

And even after all of that, our own FBI comes out and says they've been routinely and blatantly misusing "privileges" to look into the private information of the American citizenry -- by an estimate of 3000! Guess how many they admit may constitute "cases of serious misconduct?" 600! 600 cases of serious misconduct, and 2400 other cases of misuse. So, three years, 1000 misuses per year... that's more than 2.5 ethical, illegal misuses per day for 3 years.

I can't believe that more people aren't FURIOUS about this. Where is our freaking outrage?

Lies, ethics violations, half-truths and criminal behavior. I'm just so, so angry. I'm so angry I can't even yell about it. I just... I sat in ethics re-commitment training for 2 hours today at work, where we talked about how important it is to obey laws and act ethically. I wonder what would happen if the Bush administration went through ethics re-commitment (probably, their faces would melt off, as though splashed with holy water...)

Oh, remember when Kerry was campaigning on ideas like a more balanced NASA? I do because I blogged about it in 2004. Well, guess what, Bush's ridiculous war and his ridiculous policies mean that NASA will be forced to close the Institute for Advance Concepts. It's just like this administration. We don't need advanced concepts. We're regular people. We just want regular concepts. Or simple ones. Welcome to our Idiocracy.

That's ok though, because Science is overrated.

Hey America... wake up. Get pissed off. Make this stop!

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