Friday, April 30, 2010

Mister Martha has a baby chick starter kit that Martha Stewart liked so much that she featured it on her show. Funny thing is, it's 90% exactly like mine! Same lamp, same waterer, same basic cardboard structure (it's easier to modularly pack cardboard squares and not everyone just went to IKEA and has access to an 8' x 2' cardboard panel), different feeder but mine is better, and was $40 less - ha!

Anyway, after seeing this, Paige said, "we're going to have to start calling you Mr. Martha." That may also be because I know my way around a quiche, I've become something of a laundry maven, and I'm a diaper changing whirlwind.

Check out the Starter Kit from MPC as featured on Martha »

BTW, I will post more pics of Piper today as well as some more of the BCCs (baby chick chicks).

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